Give us your feedback on proposed changes to our passenger cancellation policy



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    Sean O'Flaherty

    2) Keep our current passenger late cancellation policy of a 50% refund within 24 hours of departure, and add another policy whereby if they cancel less than, let's say, 6 hours (we can modify this number), they get no refund and the driver gets paid in full.

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    derrick thomas

    In my opinion, let's make it like airline. When you book an airline ticket whether you show or not, they don't give refund. Instead you pay another money to rebook that fight or you loose all your money. There is no refund in airline ticket. 

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    Jon Chesnut

    If there is a change needed, #2 seems pretty reasonable to me and I expect that passengers would understand the rationale behind a change to "no refunds within 6 hours".

    So far most of my cancellations have been far out enough that another passenger has been able to book the seat that becomes available. As a result, I don't have a strong opinion on this one and for me this change wouldn't affect more than 1% of my total bookings.

    At one extreme, I've had passengers message me 2 or 3 days before a trip to let me know that they won't need the ride but they don't want to cancel the booking and get a cancellation review on their profile.

    On the other hand, I've had passengers cancel a 7am trip a few hours before departure.

    I'm inclined take the good with the bad and trust that the Poparide team will "reach out" to passengers who make repeated last minute cancellations.  :)

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