How do I post showing that I will take people who don't want to go to my final destination




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    Guillaume Landais

    Good day,
    I believe that if you dont mind stopping in a specific city that is on your way to the final destination, you have to add it as a "stop".

    the feature is described as if you'd like to pick up more people but im pretty sure you can drop people off aswell.
    I never personally used it so i'm not sure if it does split the price for someone who actually only do one part of the trip or charge the full price anyway.

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    Kerstin Petersson

    Thanks, Guillaume.
    I see that you can only specify a stop when you first post the trip, you can't add it later.
    But I also see that the stops are for picking people up along the way, not for dropping them off.
    So if someone wanted to go to Toronto from Ottawa, my trip to Waterloo would not show up, even though Toronto is on the way. 
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Kerstin,

    As Guillaume said, the feature you are looking for is adding a "Stop" when you first post your trip (you cannot add a stop after a trip has been posted).

    Also you can use a Stop to both pick up or drop off passengers.

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    Guillaume Landais

    I have opened a different ticket with ideas on how to communicate this feature a bit clearer.
    It only specifies that stops are for taking-in people on the driver page (i check if it was just a traduction issue, but it is the same wording on both french-english).

    Thank you for your quick answer!

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    Hi everyone, this is to let you know that we have updated this screen with your feedback, see below!

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    Guillaume Landais

    Good day!

    Thank you for your quick response, it is great to see this has been edited quickly and i'm sure there is more bookings already that used this feature!

    One thing to note, i think there is a typo in the mouse-over box?

    I'd change "to way" by "the way". so it reads:

    "Get more bookings by picking up or dropping off people along THE way"

    Thank you!

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