charging for a ride before it's confirmed




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    Hey Rafa, to clarify, we authorize your card for the full amount when you request to book, to ensure you have sufficient funds to book with the driver.

    If your booking is approved by the driver, only then do we charge your card. If the booking is declined or expires, you are not charged and the authorization is lifted on our end.

    However, it's possible that some banks may show an authorizations as an actual charge, in which case there might be a refund delay imposed by your bank. The same applies to exchange rates, these are imposed by your bank, not by Poparide.

    Sadly, it's impossible for us to know how your bank will deal with a transaction, given that we serve members from dozens of different countries and financial institutions and each bank have their own approach to payments, refunds, etc.

    Your best chance is to talk to your bank and ask them to clarify their policies around payments, refunds and exchange rates. If you feel the policies are unreasonable, we strongly suggest that you get a pre-paid credit card when you travel to Canada, which you can pick-up in any convenience store.

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    Daisy Ng

    They don't charge you unless the ride is confirmed...


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    Guillaume Landais

    The amount is only "reserved" on the card until the service is confirmed.
    It also works like this when you order online on any website.

    The reservation of funds is cancelled if you do not use the service and there is no exchange rate loss due to this.

    Note that some banks does not show the appropriate transaction type or the information is incomplete (ex, it shows you have been charged when in reality, the amount reserved is removed from available balance until confirmation).
    Also, the amount of time before the funds are release can vary per bank.

    Thank you!

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