Pricing reflecting high fuel prices?




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    Priscilla Then

    Glad to see this request already made. Max prices allowed on Poparide need to reflect the gas prices, as they've hit $1.82/L!

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    Priscilla Then

    Also, Modo just announced their new rates starting June 1, 2019. A day trip to work will cost me $107/day after taxes (vs. the current $84/day). If Poparide doesn't allow me to increase the prices per ride significantly, I'm going to have to find another means instead of Modo, and likely not be able to offer Poparides so regularly! It'll be a "lose-lose" situation. :'(

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    Guillaume Landais

    I believe gas buddy has an API that can be used to pull average gas price data in certain regions.
    This could be a nice feature to add in the future (in Quebec, price is currently around 1,40$/Liter)

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    Hey everyone, we raised prices to 15c per km late last year, and we feel this gives enough room for the fluctuating gas prices, which can be from $1.00 in Alberta to $1.80 in Vancouver (they are currently $1.30 in Vancouver and $1.35 in Montreal).

    At 15c per km, on a Vancouver to Whistler trip, you will be able to ask for $18 per seat; so if you had three seats available, you would be able to get $54 each way, covering the cost of your Modo.

    Do let us know if you feel like our maximum prices don't help you cover enough of your gas!


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