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    Hey Jada,

    Thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback on our partnership with Modo.

    Both Modo and Poparide are local companies that operate under very different structures to the giants you mentioned—Spotify and Google—companies with market capitalizations in the billions trading on the public markets.

    For this reason, the financial rewards we are able to give out to our members are simply not the same as these large companies, because we operate on much smaller marketing budgets.

    Our recommendation is that you use both our referral programs to get more free credits for both our services. This is also a great way to support local companies to grow through "word of mouth".

    On Poparide, you will get a $5 promo code for each friend you refer who successfully uses our platform. More info at

    With Modo, you will get $25 of free carsharing for every friend you refer, more info at




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