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    Hi Julia, your regular insurance covers you for carpooling, because carpooling operates under provincial carpooling regulations and is not considered a commercial service.

    You can read more about insurance in this help article:

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    Jon Chesnut

    This is covered briefly in Poparide's FAQs. Here's some more information from Brokerlink:

    "The most important type of insurance you need to consider when carpooling is liability insurance.

    Accident benefit and liability coverage are mandatory for all vehicle owners in Canada. It provides coverage for medical treatment, income replacement and other coverage if you are injured in an accident. Additionally, it provides protection if someone else takes legal action against you as a result of an accident.

    Increasing the number of regular passengers in your vehicle can increase the likelihood of an injury and liability claim in the event of a collision.

    As the driver of a carpool, all passengers in the vehicle are now granted coverage under your policy, whether they have their own coverage or not. The same is true if you are a passenger in another vehicle. In the event of an accident, the driver’s insurance would provide you coverage and reparations for any property damage or bodily injuries you may experience
    If you plan on having a higher number of passengers in your vehicle, it is a good idea to carry a higher than normal amount of liability insurance. At least $2,000,000 in liability insurance is recommended to protect yourself and your passengers. This liability coverage will provide protection to you and your passengers for any personal injury, or legal costs associated with the incident."

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