Ride says only whistler to Vancouver or vise versa



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    Daisy Ng

    Normally the driver has to "add a stop" I think.

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    Jon Chesnut

    Yep, stops need to be added manually when setting up the route and it's up to the driver to do this if they're willing to make the stop. If the driver hasn't listed a stop there's probably a reason for this!

    I understand the logic from a passenger's perspective for auto-creating stops but as a regular driver I can also understand why a shop shouldn't be automatic and strongly disagree with this idea.

    Most importantly, if a driver is looking to share the cost of a trip from A to B, adding a stop allows passengers to book only a segment of the trip. While it's possible that another passenger may book the opposite segment, in my experience this is rare. So in the $20 Whistler / Vancouver example, the driver may not be willing to offer a $10 seat. Based on @Deanne Hnatyszen's original post, it sounds like this was the case with her driver.

    There's also the time and convenience consideration - my regular drive without stops is 100 minutes. Each stop adds at least 10 minutes to the trip.

    Finally, for me at least there's a "floor price" for a trip. I have 2 stops along my regular route that are 15 minutes apart and the route is well served by public transportation. Poparide's suggested price is $5. Unfortunately it's just not worth the extra time and effort to detour off the highway in both these towns.  

    So while (for now) I always add the common stops to my trips, my schedule is flexible enough to allow for the extra time required. I'm seriously considering not listing some of the stops on future trips though - especially in the busy summer tourist season when stops are adding more like 15-20 minutes each.

    Just my $0.02 on this subject.  :)

    As for the post regarding getting charged double - I'd suggest contacting Poparide support to discuss the specifics. With 350 rides I've never had or heard of an issue like this.

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    Annick Foukal

    Considering it’s impossibke to get to whistler / Vancouver WITHOUT passing Squamish, i think maybe the Squamish stop should be an automatic stop that is included. And the option to remove the stop could be offered to drivers who don’t want to stop.
    I agree that it’s not fair to charge for the full trip if a rider is going half way.
    Im sure there are other routes that have similar issues.

    If not automatic, maybe you could have an automated message / prompt that comes up for the driver to add the stop in before they can complete their post?

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    John Hong

    You might have been lucky to only pay the full rate. I just had two passengers who for some strange reason got charged double the rate for getting off at a stop point.

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