Flexible Travel Dates



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    Annick Foukal

    This is something I’ve mentioned before, as well as having a “flexible departure time” option.
    As a driver, when I’m not picky on the exact date of the trip, I have trouble with posting multiple trips because then I’ll get requests from different people for each different day and I don’t like having to tell them “I might go another day so I’ll let you know when i make up my mind” it’s not exactly going to give that passenger confidence in believing that I have any reliability.

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    David Hurley

    Along the lines of this comment. On occasion I will drive a route and be flexible with my departure time. On these occasions I am willing to wait for a passenger to offset my costs. At first go, it could be nice to see a “graph” of most popular times for a route, something simple like taking all the past rides between A and B and binning them by time of departure on a given day of week.

    In the future I could see a feature similar to the Air BnB Smart Pricing where you enter a range for departure time and the app moves this time to best suit the rider demand.

    Awesome app! Keep up the great work!

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    Hey everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. For the time being, we're really focused on building a reliable and safe service for all our members.

    This is why we don't offer much flexibility around pick-up times because we find that it often creates confusion for passengers especially the ones who rely on a fixed schedule to get from A to B.

    That said, you can discuss schedule and pick-up locations with passengers through our chat, and if passengers agree to a different time, that is a reasonable way to approach this challenge.

    We'll be following this thread in the future to see what other members say but for now, we'll stick to strict posting times to ensure everyone is one the same page.

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