Group Pricing



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    Warren Bowen

    Great idea. This could even be optional and under the control of the driver, like some kind of scale where you decide how the price flexes, if at all, based on additional passengers. I think for very long trips like the one described it could be a great incentive to get more passengers.

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    Priscilla Then

    I was thinking the same thing! (In my case, I have to rent a car at ~$85/day so it sucks when I only have 1 passenger that day, and get only $10 back. If the passenger were to take a taxi from Vancouver to Abbotsford, it'd cost them $100! So I think we should be able to charge a little more, esp. if there's only 1-2 passengers. Then if there are more passengers, the price would decrease proportionately (e.g. $10/person if the car fills up).

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