Reminder to read ads before making booking requests.



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    Jon Chesnut

    Great idea! I wonder if this could be a one-time thing for a new user's first booking though? I find the passengers who ask for custom pickup locations are the ones who are new to Poparide. I'm not sure this is necessary for passengers once they understand how the program works.

    When I get a random pickup / drop off request (sometimes for a different place, sometimes for a different day, sometimes for both!), I usually send something like:

    "Hi, I see you're new to Poparide. Welcome! Please understand that Poparide is a ride sharing app where drivers post trips they'll be taking including the pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Passengers are welcome to join these trips, but Poparide isn't a ride-on-demand app. Drivers generally don't have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the location or time of pick-ups or drop-offs."

    It would be great if a message like this could pop-up for new users in particular!

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    Michael James Lewis

    I only did instant book once. Never again. Same problem! So many riders don't read the post.

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