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    Hey Jon,

    Our website has a policy to keep you logged in for 30 days. Can you confirm which platform you are getting logged out of (Website or app?), as you should not automatically get logged out.

    It's possible there is some software on your browser that automatically clears your cookies or cache, that would make this behaviour happen, do you have any ad blocker or any extensions of the sort?


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    Jon Chesnut

    It's all good on the app. Just the website.

    I can see a few cookies when using the site - session cookie that expires at the end of the session, some optimizely cookies with a 10 year expiry...

    Using regular (not social media) login.

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    Thanks for providing that extra bit of info Jon; we'll bring this up with our technical team and confirm what our cookies policy is. 

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    Hi Jon,

    Our current cookie policy is to persist them between opening and closing your browser, and to expire them after 1 year. This should mean you more or less stay logged in, unless you clear your cookies or move to another computer, obviously.

    Like my colleague Flo, I suspect something is going on with your browser. Would you mind letting us know what exact version you're using along with any plugins or extensions you may have installed? If you email those details to, we'll be able to help you further without littering your personal details across the internet. :)



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