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    Rami Khatib

    My trip never changes nor my description. I have it all saved in a google document that I can access on my phone or laptop.I recall the document and copy/paste and make the amendments needed. I can see how that can be a little trickier with variable/multiple routes though.

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    Jon Chesnut

    Thanks @Rami - that sounds like a good workaround. For now I'm doing something similar by looking for a recent trip with the same origin and destination, then looking within that trip to try and find a similar message to use as a template. A Google doc might be easier!  :)

    It would be great if Poparide could allow message templates to be stored to make this easier though! Here's how Couchsurfing does it:

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    Hi both - we love the idea of predefined messages and we've documented your request in our backlog, so we'll get to it! 

    Please note that for trip descriptions, when you copy a previous trip, the trip description is automatically copied across, so you don't have to rewrite it.

    We'll let you know when we are close to building this feature, so we can get your input on the design side of things.


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    Jon Chesnut

    Thanks Flo!  :)  Sounds great. For now it's not too bad to manually copy the "pre-departure" message from a previous trip when using a PC, but it's more painful using the app.

    Looking forward to the new feature!

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