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    Hey Fabio - we're not sure what you mean here, do you want to charge a passenger to play their own music? If it's fun, then maybe just let them do it, for free? 


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    Jose Luis Gonzalez

    Should be free, always free! It's a human thing - share and discuss.

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    Fabio Antonio

    Im ok to make it free but if its country music I have to charge for it. LOL. Not my thing but Im cool with everything else.

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    Annick Foukal

    Haha Fabio I hate country music too, but I have a slightly different policy for this concept - my iPod has a HUGE array of music styles and artists on it, and I always give my passengers a “quick lesson” on how to navigate the music controls and I always dub them my “DJ for the day” I always start a trip by telling them they have control over the music so if they aren’t into a certain song they can change it and search up something else.
    But I would never charge them to play their own music - even if it was music I hated. I just wouldn’t let them play it haha
    It’s a safety thing for me ... if my music isn’t good enough then my patience isn’t road safe 😆

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