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    Arne Sturm

    I would say your legal seat belts - driver. I still only post 3 seats even though I could take 4, so everyone has enough space. It all depends on the size of your passengers I guess, but how do you know. maybe one could advertise the middle seat at a discount....and the front passenger seat as a premium?

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    Hey Brad, we've actually increased the seat limit to 7 recently, for minivans with 8 seats (minus one seat for the driver).

    With regards to safety, you can only post as many seats are available with a seatbelt. We also recommend not posting a third seat on your last row unless it is a proper seat and it's comfortable for the passengers, as we have regular complaints on the lack of space on the last row of seats in minivans.

    To this effect, we will be adding a feature soon to specify that you pledge to only put two people on your back row.

    Stay tuned!


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