Passengers canceling last minute



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    Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing your experience and suggesting an improvement to our cancellation policy for passengers.

    We see this policy as a "last minute cancellation" for which, as you suggest, there would be no refund as it's unlikely you'd be able to find another passenger given the short notice. 

    We've added your comments to our product log, and we'll let you know when we get to it!

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    May Abu-Shaban

    I agree. I believe that passengers should get a 100% refund if they cancel over 24 hours in advance, and that a 50% refund is fair if they cancel over 12 hours in advance, as that will give the driver some time to find a passenger to replace the person who cancelled. If they cancel less than 12 hours in advance, the driver could be sleeping or at work when the cancellation occurs, and by the time they find out about it then it's too late for the driver to do anything about it. If they cancel less than 12 hours in advance, they should be required to pay the full fare.

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