Why do I need to manually insert "Via" locations?



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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the feedback; the reason we ask drivers to manually add "Via" locations is actually because a lot of drivers don't want to stop and pick-up people along the way.

    We've thought of adding an option that would say "pick-up anywhere along the way", but we haven't got to it, yet!


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    Sean Pollock

    Good option!

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    Clint Phelps

    To add "pick-up anywhere along the way" would be very helpful, at least if you made it so that that would allow searchers to find any city that we're passing through, along that route.

    As it is, according to my understanding and experience of how it works, it is annoying that every city that a user would be searching must be added, rather than allowing a driver to include a radius of a certain distance, or all points between pick-up and drop-off, etc.

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