Auto approval for whitelisted riders



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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your suggestion - we like it. When we implemented instant-book, we decided to keep things simple initially and then see what refinements we needed to make. I think you've hit on a dynamic that we do need to address; being able to let reliable passengers instant-book but have new or poorly rated passengers come through the regular request/approve flow.

    Your approach is slightly different to what we'd envisioned. We thought it would make sense to be able to say, "Let any passenger with more than X trips and a rating of at least Y to instant-book". Do you think this would provide you with enough certainty to let you use instant-book?



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    Jon Thorpe

    I agree with Chris. This would be a great feature and something that I was looking for as well. White listing during the passenger review process would be easiest.

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    Amanda Graves

    Great idea, it would be super simple if my regulars could do this. This is the main reason I don't use the auto-book feature. Good thinking! :) 

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    Terry Harcott

    I would definately auto approve people I have already met & had the pleasure of driving. This would be an awesome improvement.

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