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    Flo D

    Hey Jason, this is a tricky one, as we'd need a flow for passengers to agree (or not) to the time change, which is a complicated feature to achieve nicely, as it requires approval on both sides before a change to the trip is made.

    There could be several passengers booked on the trip, for different segments, and it quickly becomes complex to manage with regards to timing, etc. This is why in this scenario we ask drivers to cancel their trip and post a new one. Please note that when you cancel a trip, passengers are automatically refunded, but make sure to indicate why you cancelled the trip, so you don't get penalized under our cancellation policy for drivers.

    Lastly, we will be revamping our trip posting feature soon to include a summary before you post, such that you can make any adjustments if there are any errors on the trip's details, including mixing up am/pm. For now, we'd just like you to double-check the details of the trip before posting, so that passengers don't book a 4am trip when it's actually for 4pm ;)

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