Possible to have two driving pass by locations?



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    Flo D

    Hi Rebecca, as you know, we have a "Vias" feature that lets you enter stopover locations on your route; when you post a trip between Calgary and Vancouver, you can specify Kelowna as a pick-up location.

    We don't currently have an option to specify two different routes, as it creates additional complexity, especially if you have people already booked on different segments of your trips, and could cause delays due to detours and such. 

    I will share this feedback with the team and document in our product log, as we have a few ideas on how to improve our Vias feature down the line.

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    Bryce Campbell

    Kind of  goes here -- so currently (as I understand it) Poparide is a "static" booking system - which is fine and for most work well.

    But for the long journeys, which sounds like it would benefit here, it would be to have a live track booking option -- A partnership/integration with something like Glympse would be awesome! -- In the bookings view, passengers would be able to see "driving" with a location (even a 20-30 minute ping location)

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