Un/useful text messages



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    Flo D

    Hey Robert, these are really good suggestions, and we've shared them with the team.
    The reason why we send an SMS after you've approved someone is so you have a record of their phone number, in case you don't have access to data later on (believe me, that happens a lot!).

    With regards to the text message when you invite someone, that would be a good pullback mechanism to get passengers onto the platform, so we like it. We'll keep you posted on implementation on that one, as it's pretty easy to make it happen!

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    May Abu-Shaban

    I actually love receiving the text message to confirm that I approved someone. I post my trips on multiple platforms, so I use a different non-rideshare app (Trello) to keep track of my passenger lists. Being able to copy & paste the confirmation text message makes it really easy for me to add a Poparide passenger to my list, as the details are all in the text.

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