Airport ridesharing



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    Robert Selby

    Tried posting my trips to airport but would not accept with message "Origin and destination are both in Kelowna. They must be further apart!"

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    Nigel Mckenzie

    This would also be great with getting to and from the ferry terminals in coastal BC. 

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    Florent Devellennes

    Hey Robert and Nigel, this is an interesting one. In fact, one of our internal goals for success is that "you can count on Pop to get you to the airport on time to catch your flight", so this is very relevant. 

    Our current focus is on helping people travel together between cities, on long distance trips. In most cases, airports are close to the city and usually accessible via public transit, although we realize that in some smaller towns like Kelowna, there are limited ways to get to the airport, other than driving or getting a taxi.

    It's a tricky one to solve through ridesharing, as you'd need to have people leaving from the same area, on the same flight, and willing to share a ride. These parameters are tricky to get right to achieve some matching, and this is why most of the time these types of trips are fulfilled by "on-demand" services such as Uber and Lyft.

    It's only a matter of time until these "on-demand" services are available in BC, and when they are, the hurdle of getting to the airport will be be somewhat overcome.

    In an ideal world, you wouldn't need access to a car to get to the airport in Kelowna, and the city would provide amazing, fast public transit.

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