Dynamic pricing based on number of passengers


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    Flo Devellennes

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for your recommendation. We've thought of this before, and we think dynamic pricing could be a neat way for everyone to get a fair deal on Pop.

    There are, however, challenges to achieving this on various fronts: financial, operational and community.

    For instance, if a driver were to have such dynamic pricing, and were to approve their second passenger on a trip, we'd have to retrospectively reduce the payment of the first passenger, which isn't a feature provided by credit card companies. 

    Furthermore, what happens if a passenger cancels their booking? We'd have to make another adjustment, and risk the potential to disturb both the driver and other passenger with notifications for amendments made to the trip.

    The prices set on Pop are, in most cases, reasonable amounts to contribute to the driving costs on a journey: gas, insurance and maintenance. Even if sometimes the driver gets a bit more money than what is needed in the scope of a trip, it evens out through time, as drivers don't always fill their entire car.

    We're committed to providing our members with reasonable pricing to ensure they are able to get from A to B effectively, and our current system has proven to work very well compared to other options available in the market.

    Hope this answers your question!


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