Allow drivers to customize segment prices




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    Flo D

    Hey Chris, we have some initial designs ready to achieve this. The idea would be to let you easily change the pricing of each, main segment, and collapse "smaller" segments so they don't take all the space. See our preliminary designs below - what do you think?

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    May Abu-Shaban

    What's the ETA on the implementation of this feature? I am currently having to post 6 rides per round trip to be able to set the prices of each leg individually...

    For a trip from Ottawa to Toronto via Kingston, I am having to post:

    - Ottawa to Toronto

    - Ottawa to Kingston

    - Kingston to Toronto

    Then for the return trip, I am having to post:

    - Toronto to Ottawa

    - Toronto to Kingston

    - Kingston to Ottawa

    It would really be much simpler to be able to set the segment prices. :)

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    Léa Frg



    I do agree on this suggestion and the design mentioned above by Flo 5 months ago is something I would be happy to have in the app and on the website. Any inputs so far on that topic ? Thanks.

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    Hi May, this will be coming soon, stay tuned!


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    Update: this has been implemented and released. More info on our blog

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