I have not received my refund




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    Jn Carlos Chamorro

    I have nt my refund!

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    Darren Dwyer

    I was informed by the driver today that she locked her keys in the trunk and she would be late with no timeline of how late.
    I had to get a ride , ( plan B) because I had my two sons with me.
    I explained this to her and asked for my refund and she has not responded to any of my messages.
    I’ve paid 58$ and change for myself and my two sons and she didn’t even drive us.
    Can you pls help me get my refund back


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    Philip Chiola

    Can you please delete this account! I have decided against using your services.

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    Nirali Joshi

    I have not received my refund as yet even when booking was not confirmed.

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    Cody Tkach

    How do I get my refund?????

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    Cody Tkach

    I’m at the airport and my ride has no car... what is this app? I need answers... I can’t even get home to see my family

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    homa nassimdoost

    I need to cancel a request to take a ride for June 23 because the person who posted it made a mistake and meant to say Friday not Saturday and I need to cancel request pls help

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    Amanda Lang

    I was charged for booking fee even though I cancelled the trip less than an hour after booking as the trip details were not accurate. Still have not received a refund.

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