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    Garrett Y

    What happens if a driver's vehicle is damaged by a rider? Is that insurance provided in your 15% booking fee like AirBnB (who charges 12% and provides $1million insurance coverage)?

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    Support Team

    Hey Garrett,

    You are responsible for your own insurance when using Pop, and we do not currently provide complementary insurance on your trip. We recommend having at least $2M third-party liability insurance.

    More information in our insurance section:

    Please note Airbnb only started providing $1M host insurance once they had reached critical mass and millions of users. We are still a small startup and are not in the position to financially provide insurance, but would love to in the future!



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    Garrett Y

    I do hope you continue to grow, but your customers should not be responsible for paying unnecessarily high fees to contribute to your growth. And vehicle insurance would be a completely different business anyway.

    My position stands that 15% seems too high, so rideshare groups on Craigslist, Facebook, and Kijiji will come first for me until that fee decreases significantly.

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    Support Team

    Hey Garrett, thanks for the feedback. Our 15% booking fee helps cover three things:

    1) The credit card processing fees when people book through Pop

    2) The payout fees when we transfer money back to drivers

    3) Our operational costs

    Airbnb charge 12% to guests and 3% to hosts, totaling 15%, so we are pretty close :)

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