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    Ryan Brinkman

    Feature request - window for departure vs fixed time

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    Rob Feeny

    This is not an effective handling of Ferry fees. There is both a fee per passenger and a fee for the car. Asking passengers to get out and pay for their own ferry fee is not a good idea as then we hold up the line as 4 people in a car try to pay separately, or it's a logistics pain as everyone gets out, walks to the ticket office when has to find where the car has gotten to. As well, if the driver is responsible for 100% of the car ferry fee, that is a disincentive to take a car. I was trying to decide between transit and taking my car. I decided to take my car and get some passengers from Pop to help cover the cost. Now I have to ask my passengers to pay part via Pop, part in cash. In the future it will just be easier to take transit and ignore the rideshare option.

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