How reviews work




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    Janelle Leclair

    How long is the review period?

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    Support Team

    Hi Janelle, the review period is 4 days after the trip has completed. We'll add that information to the article :)

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    Sarah Marty

    Could you tell us why you decide to implement a 4 days review period?

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    Support Team

    Hi Sarah‍,

    We have a review period of 4 days, as generally, this results in more accurate and valuable information about our members. It also lines up with our dispute period, after which, if we haven't heard otherwise, we assume the trip went well and proceed to pay out passengers' payments to their drivers.

    Note that when you do leave a review, it automatically prompts the other member to leave a review of you too. So being quick to leave reviews is a great way to build your reputation within the Pop community.

    Hope that helps - let me know if you have any further questions.


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